Our Products
Metfif had been established in the year 2008 & running this industry is one of the Leading Manufacturers and Exporters of all kinds of Channel nut and accessories i.e. CHANNEL NUT PLAIN, SHORT SPRING, LONG SPRING, L-BRACKET, SINGLE CHANNEL TOP BRACKET, T-BRACKET, Z-BRACKET, 45 ANGLE BRACKET, BEAM CLAMP, DOUBLE WIDE TOP BRACKET, CHANNEL T-BRACKET, TRAY COUPLER, WINDOW BRACKET, RISER PIPE CLAMP, BASE PLATE, CLEVIS HANGER, PIPE CLAMP,BASE PLATE, CANTILEVER Etc.   

We are also manufacturing sheet metal components for some MARCHANT EXPORTERS. 
Partner's Thinking
Only the fittest & finest survive to be among the leaders. However to remain there, it takes a little more than survival of the fittest. And that's perfection. 
Our emphasis has been to achieve superior performance & high quality products at low costs. Quality at our end means nothing less than products at a reasonable cost which represent & satisfy the needs & expectations of customers with  continual improvements.

It will our pleasure to establish business relations with the companies & display a true sense of commitment to them , who understand quality.
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